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Create Unforgettable Memories

Cozy Campers Sleepovers is a party rental business. We set up beautiful sleepovers for kids aged 3 and up. We create stunning custom/themed sleepover parties for both girls and boys, transforming your space into a magical wonderland! Our hire service includes the delivery, setup, and styling of everything you need for the ultimate sleepover.
Cozy Campers Sleepovers was launched in December of 2018. It all started when our founder, Ashley Little, was looking for fun and creative party ideas for her daughter. Ashley was so inspired by her daughter's joy and surprise from what she came up with that she wanted to see that joy in other children. Though Ashley has since moved from our founding location in Gig Harbor, Washington, Cozy Campers Sleepovers remains under a new owner. Michelle Horton has known Ashley for 5 years, and chosen to jump right in, now owning and running the Gig Harbor branch of Cozy Campers Sleepovers. The management may have changed, but the goal is still the same - to bring smiles to children across Gig Harbor.

"A party is a dream and we’re here to make it come to life!"

Cozy Campers Sleepovers is here to help create a fun and exciting time for your child and family. We know that party planning can be stressful, so let us take the stress and leave you with the memories. With a variety of themes, help your kids experience the "old fashioned" way to play! 

- Michelle Horton, Owner

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